Sani Professional®

A division of PDI, Sani Professional® is a purpose-driven company deeply rooted in the prevention of Community Associated Infections (CAIs). The company’s line of disposable pre-measured, pre-moistened state-of-the-art wipe products and solutions are ideal for hand sanitizing, hard surface cleaning, sanitizing and advanced disinfecting. These products are EPA and NSF-registered and, as appropriate, FDA food code compliant; meeting the highest food industry safety standards.

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PDI helps reduce preventable infections, control healthcare costs and, ultimately, save lives by delivering a broad range of evidence-based, market leading environmental hygiene and patient care solutions in the community and healthcare environments. PDI has three divisions, Sani Professional®, PDI Healthcare and Contract Manufacturing.

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The nomination period for The 2019 Sani Awards™ has passed. Click here for information on the winners. The nomination period for the 2020 Sani Awards™ will open in November 2019.