Matt Barone | Sani Awards™ Winner


Category C:

The impact of ATC Food Safety is nationwide.Through the development and execution of food safety classes and auditing, April’s courses impact and educate chefs, or restaurant owners who need to receive food safety training to receive their permit and succeed with local, state and national food code requirements. Additionally April and ATC Food Safety is on the forefront of the birth of CA’s newest industry, legal cannabis. ATC has created SOP’s for these start up manufacturers that have little foodservice experience. April’s team educates this market in basic and small business manufacturing GMP’s and sanitation protocol to these new manufacturers. In all, April and her team certified over 2,000 food operators last year and helped over 20 small business with compliance and SOP regulatory issues, as well as conducted private audits in over 500 businesses in over 30+states. ATC Food Safety is only a 5 year old company.

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